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About CEBOB De Link:

Originally a vocational training centre for people with a disability we became a centre offering all kinds of support, people with a labour-disability might need in order to find a profession, a job, or to maintain or develop their careeropportunities.

We still have vocational training centers in Lovenjoel, Kortenberg and Halle. We provide support for the people with a labour disability in the province of Flemish Brabant and the dutch speaking people with a labour disability in Brussels. ( 1.400.000 inhabitants)

We employ 50 people, 24% of wich are people with a disability themselves. (we’re proud about that)

We work close together with a service providing objective information and Individual Program Planning and trajectory-planning support: ATB. This government funded service works for the same targetgroup and area. Together with this service we work in a larger network with all kind of support providers.

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